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MILLENIA Engineering headquarters are located at ARIANA near the Tunisian capital TUNIS. This facility offers a front office with meeting rooms for client welcome located 10 minutes from TUNIS Carthage International airport.
MILLENIA Engineering working offices and laboratories are located at strategic location in BIZERTA, a seaside city located 60 Km north of Tunis, and have over 500 Sq. meters of office space that can accommodate a team size of 40 persons.
Both facilities have 2 Mbps ADSL connectivity enabling a stable online with back up connectivity. Multiple telephone and mobile connections with a latest EPABX and FCT enables us to be connected at all time.
Online servers allow clients to keep in touch with their projects data through FTP sites and WebEDI facilities.
The offices are powered with latest UPS facility that provides uninterrupted supply of power. The units are equipped with upgraded Hardware, Software, and Networking solutions. State of the art computing CAE and CAD tools also available.
Reliable IT support team ensures that the facility is up and running all time.

MILLENIA Engineering

Millenia is an engineering and consulting company which provides multidisciplinary services for basic/detailed design and supervision of ICT business/industry projects.

Contact Details

Corporate Headquarters
Tunis Ariana Office,
Immeuble ROSAMIS MB8 Avenue Mustapha HJAIEJ 2080 Ariana,

TEL. : +216 71 707 005
FAX. : +216 71 707 057

Working Office and Labs
Bizerta Office ,
Pepiniere des entreprises,
ISET Menzel Abderrahmane 7035 BIZERTA,

TEL. : +216 72 570 075
FAX. : +216 72 570 155

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