Bringing industry and information technology together

MILLENIA Engineering is an engineering and consulting company with a long and rich operational experience in multidisciplinary services for basic ‐ detailed design, as well as supervision of Information & Communication Technologies’ (ICT) projects withinindustrial environments. Thanks to the continuously updated and enriched qualifications and certifications of its human resources, MILLENIA Engineering also supplies integrated turnkey Communication and SCADA Systems.
Our motto is to provide state of the art quality turnkey solutions including services and supplies within short turnaround time and affordable costs to all our esteemed clients.
MILLENIA Engineering’ core businesses include:
. ICT solutions and services to allow industries manage and process data through smart local and wide area networks (LAN & WAN).
. Integration of telemetry, SCADA, information management, and display solutions.

MILLENIA Engineering is capable of providing any type of services related to above activities, including:
* Technical Engineering and design
* Project management
* Procurement
* Planning and cost control
* Material Inspection & Expediting
* QA/QC Audits, Due Diligence
* Construction Supervision
* Commissioning, Start Up and Solutions Operation
* Qualification procedures
Through a powerful combination of design: Design, both in hardware and software, Supply of modules and systems, Services in the factory and on site. MILLENIA engineers, have already designed and implemented the most innovative systems in Tunisia and elsewhere in international arena.

MILLENIA Engineering

Millenia is an engineering and consulting company which provides multidisciplinary services for basic/detailed design and supervision of ICT business/industry projects.

Contact Details

Corporate Headquarters
Tunis Ariana Office,
Immeuble ROSAMIS MB8 Avenue Mustapha HJAIEJ 2080 Ariana,

TEL. : +216 71 707 005
FAX. : +216 71 707 057

Working Office and Labs
Bizerta Office ,
Pepiniere des entreprises,
ISET Menzel Abderrahmane 7035 BIZERTA,

TEL. : +216 72 570 075
FAX. : +216 72 570 155

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